Hello guise!! 

Words cannot explain how much this blog means to me. It is one of my thoughts’ outlets. I started a blog originally for a personal diary of thoughts. No filters and everything. In fact, I did not even expect people to notice but then there you guys are! It makes me really happy to see that people actually read my posts.

Of course, the dream of becoming one of the famous bloggers were in mind but I know I am far from that. I simply want to talk away. Almost without thinking of what I’m writing. Kind of like just having a conversation with myself. When I saw you guise comment on my stuff, it really makes my day. It’s like realizing I’m not really too much of a loser as I thought I was. Haha. 

I know. My post are very very casual. Like texting almost. And this is how I want it to be. Really simple. In fact, I blog via phone most of the time! 

I have learned to love this blogging thing. I feel the need to update it, every other day. If not daily. 

I just would like to say thank you!!!  You all make me feel so appreciated. 

I take photographs of almost everything. From what I’m eating to what I’m looking at. I ask myself all the time why I don’t pursue photography… Maybe I will. We shall see.
 But anyway, I would like to get personal with you all, and connect more of you would like of course. My Instagram name is mylifeslemons. You all are more than welcome to follow me there and see what I am up to at anytime. 
Thank you again my friends! 


If you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option, you will miss finding someone who will actually treat you like a priority. It’s hard, yes. Because it’s all you know. Atleast for now. But please be fair to yourself. Please think about what you really deserve. You’re so beautiful. You deserve so much more. You deserve to be the one on top of the list. You weren’t born to wait on someone to appreciate you. You were born to be loved and appreciated. You were born to be admired and to be prioritized. Give yourself a break. Work on yourself if you must and work on loving yourself more. You need it. You need to realize your worth sooner or later, because if you don’t, people will take advantage of you. 


Hello my loves! This post is dedicated to my readers. I have been unstoppable when it comes to posting lately. I have been posting gazillion times a day and I thank you for sticking around and liking my published posts. As you can see, almost all of my posts are uplifting as I try them to be. Like I said, because we need more positive vibes around here. I would like to hear you opinion about what you like to read? Just curious. 

Anyway, I just want to let you all know that I am very happy to know you guise like my stuff. Means a lot. 



Once you have realized how bad you have been treated, you want nothing more but to move on and get away from the situation. You will realize that you have wasted more than enough time staying in that relationship and realize that you probably have missed out on a great time or relationship. You will want to spend time with yourself. You will want to treat yourself and apologize to yourself because you have taken your own worth for granted. You will do anything to get rid of any thoughts that has not and will not do you any good in the near future. You will look at yourself in the mirror and say that it’s time for a change. You will start loving yourself more. At the same time, you will treasure the experience and you will be humble enough to thank the person who made you realize that you need to love yourself more and not let anyone tell you you’re not worth it. 

You will feel free and happy. 


We all have heard it before. Social media ruins relationships. But I don’t think so. It is our lack of communication with each other that ruins relationships. Instead of sitting down and speak about a problem, somehow we turn to social media and fuss about the problem. 

Social media do not ruin relationships. It’s an excuse for our laziness to communicate. Or an excuse for our own selfish reasons. Granted, it is easier to fuss on Facebook rather than facing the problem and fixing it. But why? Why do people choose to expose things that should be kept in private? Especially if it’s about a relationship. When clearly, doing so won’t even fix the problem. In fact, doing so is like announcing that you’re miserable. It’s like somehow we think that when we announce our problems, people will care and we expect them to be sincere, but the truth is, most people go on social media because of people like you (who like to cry on Facebook). I have to admit and this might be something you are not going to like, and that is that reading other people’s problems can be entertaining. 

And if you’re sitting there saying “not really“, so you’re telling me you haven’t sat there and scrolled through your social media and said “oh wow they broke up again”. Or maybe I’m just being too honest. 


I would like to dedicate this post to the ones who are feeling a little not okay. Whether you are going through something or just plain not feeling right at the moment. This one is for you. 

Hey well all have those moments. And it is good to remember that it is normal and you are not alone. It is these feelings that makes us appreciate the good times more. Think about it. So, take time to breathe. Inhale deeply and exhale everything. That’s what unusually helps me when I feel a little off or when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Talk to someone or try to divert your attention if you must. Or, sit and appreciate the feeling. There is nothing wrong with that. 

 I often get asked why I choose to post uplifting things. Is it because I want a lot of readers? I am going to be honest. Knowing I have readers is flattering but that is not the sole purpose of why I post encouraging posts. I  simply believe that we have enough negativity in the air that we need to encourage others to look at the good instead of the bad in each situation. And I know I have said that a lot on here and I will never get tired of saying it. 

Trust me. You will read some rants here too. This blog is my online journal of whatever is running through my mind.