How long until the day you get over him? The moment you decide to. That could be ten years from now when you finally get tired of hoping. Or that could be in the next ten seconds. It’s really all about you.  Nobody else. It’s you who control your own mind and what can go in it. It’s you who control and decide what you think about every second of the day. So you ask, when? The real question is when do you want to get over him? When you finally say and decide enough. When you finally tell yourself you need to get on something else or you’ll spend your life crying about someone. That will be the day of the beginning of you getting over someone. Time is not going to heal you unless you let it. That means you have to decide when. 


If they don’t need you, it’s okay. You do not live for other people. Learn to live for yourself. Have you even thought of what you truly want? Do you even know what you want? Do you have goals or desires? Think. Make one up. That’s what you should be living for. That’s what you should be waking up for. Not other people’s. Stop letting others use you as a prop. You need yourself more than anything else in this world. Especially nowadays when some people like to use others. Don’t let them. When was the last time you woke up and asked yourself what you wanted to do today? Not what do he, or she, or they need me to do today? Stop waking up trying to live for others. Live for yourself. 


Some people will never change, and you have to accept that. Stop putting yourself aside to try to help someone change when they clearly do not want to. Helping someone out is one thing, but the fact that you let yourself fall behind from life just to get disappointed and to get stepped on is another. Learn when to let go and accept the fact that some people and things just don’t change. You can only do so much. You can only help someone out so much. You can’t do all the work when trying to help someone out. A person has to have a drive to pursue change enable for them to do so. You can’t do all the work for them. The sooner you accept and realize that the better for you. Learn to let go or get left behind. 


In a world that screams consumerism and selfishness, what are you doing to be a spark of light? Be organic and be honest. Do things out of love and do things simply because you love doing it. Do things without thinking or worrying about who you will attract or if you’ll attract any. Do things out of kindness. Do things to benefit yourself mentally and spiritually. The world is full of people who are indifferent. We need more people like you. Sincere. Be happy and do more good things for others just to make yourself feel good. There’s nothing wrong with that. Do things without expecting anything in return. Do it just because. Do it because you can. Be a person who will be remembered for doing good deeds and spreading nothing less than happiness. Be remembered for your sincerity and kindness. Smile at the bitter ones even when they are unkind. 


You haven’t experienced a real heart break until it makes you not want to eat anymore. Because everytime you try to, you feel sick to your stomach and it makes you want to just throw it all back up. It doesn’t matter how hungry you are, it just seems like your body is rejecting anything and everything. You haven’t experienced a real heart break it until you decide to give yourself a pep talk that you’re going to try to have a decent day. Tell yourself to think of happy thoughts. Your childhood. But then when you try to roll over and get out of bed, you just couldn’t. Your feet just feels numb and then you want to cry, your eyes begin to throb and feel warm when you try to close it, it’s because you’ve cried so much you feel like you’ve literally ran out of tears. You haven’t experienced a real heart break until you see something that reminds you of the person you love and your chest start to hurt, physically. And it seems as though you cannot breathe and it starts to feel heavy, like an elephant is sitting on your chest. 


Date someone who would still be your favorite person to be around even if there was nothing physical in your relationship. Nowadays, it feels as though when you’re in a relationship, you’re obligated to offer your body for the sake of the relationship when people, especially girls should know you don’t need to. Not when  you aren’t ready. Not when you do not feel comfortable. Your body is a temple and you should only let the one you truly trust to kiss it let alone to touch it. I’ve always been a huge hopeless romantic even as a little kid and I understood that later on two people are eventually going to get physical. But at the right time. And that means when both of you are ready. Do not be afraid to say no. Do not be afraid to say you are not ready yet. After all, if a person really cares for you, he or she will understand. Date someone who will be there because they love you more than physical touch.