One day, I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing you did to let it end. When you chose to look at the “neighbor’s grass”, and always said it was greener. Instead of taking care of what you have, you drooled over what you did not. I hope you regret choosing to be around people who you think is cool, rather than staying with the one who would wait for you when you come home, always leaving the lights on for you. You had it all, you just did not realize it. I hope you regret putting me right at the bottom of your every list. I hope you realize that you lost someone who you could come home to after an exhausting day. I hope you regret leaving me out in the open knowing I trusted you with my emotions and my heart. I hope one you regret everything. And when you realize that you have made a mistake, it will be too late.  


Hello my loves. See, I was going to write something as always. I wanted to write something simple like always. A paragraph as usual, but even that I can’t do right now. I am exhausted. By the way, I’m still pregnant. Just to let you guys know. This is me talking, the author of this blog. Hello! I will be 40 weeks this Wednesday. And let me tell you, I am soooo done. I’m so ready. I cannot wait.  I am anxious to meet the little guy. I have mixed emotions about everything. Wait, how did I even get there. I just wanted to say hi. And let you guise know I’m still here breathing. I drove pretty much all day today you know. And walked too. Anyway, if you have any recommendations as to making this journey a little bit easier and comfortable, please step forward. I’d really appreciate it. And I’m goig to sleep you guise. Goodnight!

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When someone could show you heaven, that same person can also show you hell. Don’t be naive and think otherwise. Don’t be one sided. Don’t be biased. Don’t deprive yourself of the ugly truth. Save yourself from the pain and time feeling bitter later on. In general, it’s always good to remember this little simple fact. Just like when someone earns your trust, they’re also capable of breaking it in less than a second like it was nothing. And I know what you’re thinking. Nobody likes to walk around with this little Debbie downer phrase but it’s really worth it. The sooner you accept this, the better for you. It’s simply accepting the fact that anyone who is capable of putting a smile on your face has a power to turn it upside down. Consider it normal. 


Have you ever loved someone? Doesn’t it feel amazing? But you know what’s better? To be loved by them back. It’s a feeling that I would wish everyone to have or experience atleast once in a lifetime. You wake up everyday and you always have something and someone to look forward to. Them. Especially when you wake up next to them and see them in their deep sleep. Observing them and seeing every little details of their face. Or when they wake you up with a kiss on your forehead. When you open your eyes and see them already smiling at you and then they say good morning. You always feel like every morning is the best morning ever. Just knowing that someone is also thinking of you the way you think of them. Knowing someone sees your flaws as features, something that makes you perfect instead of viewing them as simply flaws. And of course, knowing someone is there to love you and someone you know you can depend on when life gets tough. 


There’s more to this world than just “pretty” or “beautiful”. Do not let people fool you. You have more to offer than your physical appearance. It’s shallow and shameful how people judge you by how you look and then they proceed to assume what you are capable of. It’s sad but it’s true. We all have done it, but you don’t have to be a victim of it. So don’t let it happen. Don’t let people out you in a small little box. Don’t let anyone define you easily. Prove them wrong. You have a heart full of fire and a wicked brain. Don’t let your soul be defined by its shell.