We all have heard it before. Social media ruins relationships. But I don’t think so. It is our lack of communication with each other that ruins relationships. Instead of sitting down and speak about a problem, somehow we turn to social media and fuss about the problem. 

Social media do not ruin relationships. It’s an excuse for our laziness to communicate. Or an excuse for our own selfish reasons. Granted, it is easier to fuss on Facebook rather than facing the problem and fixing it. But why? Why do people choose to expose things that should be kept in private? Especially if it’s about a relationship. When clearly, doing so won’t even fix the problem. In fact, doing so is like announcing that you’re miserable. It’s like somehow we think that when we announce our problems, people will care and we expect them to be sincere, but the truth is, most people go on social media because of people like you (who like to cry on Facebook). I have to admit and this might be something you are not going to like, and that is that reading other people’s problems can be entertaining. 

And if you’re sitting there saying “not really“, so you’re telling me you haven’t sat there and scrolled through your social media and said “oh wow they broke up again”. Or maybe I’m just being too honest. 

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