You’re cute, but I don’t know if you’re here to waste my time or to sweep me off my feet. I’m tired of people like you, but somehow I get sucked in so easy. Next thing I know I am thinking about you every night while I stare at my ceiling when my mind won’t let me sleep. I don’t know if you’re here to have fun, or here to look for a future that we can walk in together. I’m ready, but most people aren’t. Not the ones my age at least. I seem to have a mature mind compared to other people my age, but my emotions are all over the place. I know what I want, but I cannot recognize it when it’s right in front of me. It’s like I look at you, I know I want a future with you but then my gut is telling me not to waste time because you’re probably like the rest of them. Because I got hurt so many times before, I don’t even know how to trust my own gut. Sometimes I feel like even my own head and heart are up to only hurting me. You have a pretty face, but your intentions are ugly. You just want to have fun. I don’t. I want to be happy. 

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