I know you post statuses or tweet things not because you want likes, but because you’re hoping for one person to read it. Hoping your feelings matter to him. I know you sit there and do that because you’re afraid of rejection. So you tweet. You post statuses. But ask yourself this, until when are you going to do that? Until when are you going to hope for him to notice you exist? How long are you planning to sit there and wait? Prince coming over in the middle of the night to throw pebbles at your bedroom window, taking you away so you two can live happily ever after sometimes only exist in fantasies. Fairy tales. Sometimes you have to grow some balls to let your feelings be known. Because if not, you will spend and more likely waste time and regret it later. It can go either way. Either he recognizes it, or not. Either way, it’ll save you time and energy, especially from prolonging heartaches. 

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