Hello everyone and welcome again. Okay so, I discovered this really cool app in my phone, it’s called Vent. The name itself should tell you what it is. It is where people vent about anything and everything. I have many apps like this. Lately, this has been the one I have been going back to. Just reading other people’s rant throughout the day is really interesting to me. If I have not mentioned, I get my blog post ideas from everywhere including apps like this. Well this topic caught my attention. So I am going to talk about it.


 Hmm. Sounds pretty long.

How far and how long is long distance relationship and can they survive?

Here is what I think..

I believe that long distance relationships to survive. We do not hear much of success stories because we all focus on the bad, and that is true. I know people who were in a long distance relationship and now married and very happy. Granted, it is not an easy relationship. You have to have trust and you have to be able to reassure yourself when your significant other is not there to do it for you. I can say that I am not biased because I was in one and it failed. But just because mine failed does not mean others’ relationship cannot survive.

Being afraid to be in one is understandable and I can’t blame you, but I don’t think you should let distance stop you from loving someone. It’s not like you can anyway, but I am just saying.

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