Hello everyone! I hope your day was not as overwhelming as mine! You will find out sooner or later what I am talking about since I am probably going to be publishing about what I went through in the last 12 hours. But for right now, Let’s talk feelings! 

Despite of what challenges I am going through in real life (outside this blog) I always want to publish good vibes. We need more positivity around here. 

“I don’t know why I feel like this, but I do. And I’m sorry.” 

When you read that line, what do you think of? For some weird reason, I imagine a guy on a process of telling his girlfriend the truth. I imagine him feeling like crap for feeling how he feels, crappier than how the girl is going to feel after he says he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. 

I also imagine a girl confessing the truth to her significant other. Admitting she’s hurt and apologizing for it. 

Two different situations but have one in common, and that is apologizing for how they are feeling. It might be hard and as you can see, when we read something like that or hear a story like that, we automatically think sad for the person whose listening. But really think about it. I do feel bad for the listener but have you ever thought the one talking and feeling all the feelings? If that makes sense. I do. All the time. 

I don’t think anyone should apologize for how they feel. Especially if they are honest about it. They are actually doing you a favor. Giving you the truth. Kind of like a reality check. If you feel some type of way, and you step up and say it and let it be known, to me, you are one of the bravest kind out there. Because that is not an easy thing to do. 

If you are that person, whose right now feeling something, and you’re not sure whether to keep it in and hope it dies out or if you’re debating to announce it, I say let it be known. Take this as a sign. Because you are entitled of your own feelings. Do not try to silence your own voice and lock it in a box somewhere, because it is not fair to do that to yourself. Be honest and embrace your feelings. Stop apologizing for it. 

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