Hello everyone and welcome again. Okay so, I discovered this really cool app in my phone, it’s called Vent. The name itself should tell you what it is. It is where people vent about anything and everything. I have many apps like this. Lately, this has been the one I have been going back to. Just reading other people’s rant throughout the day is really interesting to me. If I have not mentioned, I get my blog post ideas from everywhere including apps like this. Well this topic caught my attention. So I am going to talk about it.


 Hmm. Sounds pretty long.

How far and how long is long distance relationship and can they survive?

Here is what I think..

I believe that long distance relationships to survive. We do not hear much of success stories because we all focus on the bad, and that is true. I know people who were in a long distance relationship and now married and very happy. Granted, it is not an easy relationship. You have to have trust and you have to be able to reassure yourself when your significant other is not there to do it for you. I can say that I am not biased because I was in one and it failed. But just because mine failed does not mean others’ relationship cannot survive.

Being afraid to be in one is understandable and I can’t blame you, but I don’t think you should let distance stop you from loving someone. It’s not like you can anyway, but I am just saying.


If you cannot decide between two people, pick  the one you are better friends with. Pick the one who you can be real with and act weird with. Ask yourself, if you ordered a huge meal to yourself and ate like a line backer which one would judge you first, and which one would encourage you. Pick the one who you can call anytime and know he will answer and if not, who can call you back as soon as he can. Pick the one who is not afraid to cry infront of you, because in this cruel world, it’s hard to find someone who trusts you with their tears and feelings. Pick the one who would go to Walmart wearing pj’s on with you. Pick the one thinks you look better with no make up on and the one who’s patient. Pick the one who is kind. Ask yourself who you can really trust and be honest with yourself. Pick the one who won’t make you feel like you have other competition. Pick the one who has he’s head on his shoulders. Pick the one who would hold you down. Pick the one who won’t make you feel insecure and the one who’s humble. Pick the one who makes you want to be a better person and the one who will only push you up. 

Pick the one who will always think he is the lucky one. 


If you are feeling down, the most important thing to remember is that it is not permanent. You are not alone. Even if you feel like everything is a blur right now, whatever it is, it will pass. Also, feeling down is normal and everybody goes through it. It’s what makes us appreciate the good times. Cry if you must, or take a nap. You deserve a break, so do not feel guilty for feeling what you are feeling right now. Watch comedy or try to divert your attention by doing something that you really love. Maybe draw. Most of the time it helps.

Talk to somebody and do not be afraid to ask for help if you cannot seem to turn it around. Again, you are not alone. You are loved and people care for you, even if it might be hard to see that right now. Reach out to your family and friends, or ME! You are strong. Hang in there.


Nowadays, it is almost all about competition and we forget about what really makes us happy. Today’s society has its way of painting a picture of what you should be doing at a certain age. It makes me think of brainwashing almost. Everybody’s cheering when a child says he wants to become a doctor or a lawyer, but when he says he wants to pursue a career in music, people are prone to look the other way. It kills dreams. It shuts down creativity. We take comfort and like to be safe and feel secure. It leads us to think that being book smart is the only way to success which I find very sad. I know a few people who decided to swim against the current and I applaud them for it. For having balls to prove themselves that they can be successful by following their own dreams and not the crowd. I applaud them for choosing to make a difference for themselves. Do you know anyone that made a difference? What is your dream?


When you get hurt, why do you all of a sudden turn into a bitter person? Not only that, why are you so desperate to act tough and look like you are having the time of your life instead of facing what hurts and make amends with it? Because let me tell you something. You displaying yourself out there being wild, just to make sure people notice that you are “okay” just makes you look very pitiful.

Why are you so obsessed with making sure you look like the “strong” one? Because being strong does not mean looking strong and pretending that everything is okay. Just because you post a picture of you holding booze does not mean you do not go home and read through old messages and cry yourself to sleep. Just because you post a picture of you having a great time at a local bar with a bunch of strangers does not mean you do not take a peek at your phone every two minutes just to see if he called or texted… While you’re “having fun

You seem to forget that you are human and humans get hurt. Humans love and humans get disappointed. You are supposed to cry when you are unhappy. Let alone when you are heart broken. It is normal. Pain is inevitable. It happens and it is bound to happen again.

Do not say you will never love again. Do not say you will never trust again. Granted, it will take time to trust again. You are not a robot. You will fall again when you are ready. You are entitled to express your own grief, but do not cheat yourself of love that you deserve and you are destined to or with in the future just because you temporarily got hurt.


Call home. Talk to your mom about anything. Cook your favorite meal and plan to getaway. It does not have to be today, it can be this weekend, or the next. Look forward to it. Do not get too sad, but it’s okay to cry. Call your siblings, so you’ll feel closer to home. Wear your favorite shirt, or wear your ugliest christmas sweater and watch youtube videos.

Ride a bike and enjoy fresh air. Visit a local diner or cafe, spend an hour or maybe two and just sit and watch people come and go. Wonder if they’re missing people like you too. Ride the city bus. Talk to a stranger. Read a book. Rearrange your living room. Don’t sit in quiet, and if it does get too quiet, play your favorite song or watch netlix and binge watch a show. Call someone you miss.

Remind yourself why you are there. Remind yourself that you have gone so far. Remind yourself that you are an adult and that you have dreamt of this when you were a kid  and remind yourself that you are bright. You will make it through this. Remind yourself that you are brave and you will find your way home.