Hello everyone! I hope your day was not as overwhelming as mine! You will find out sooner or later what I am talking about since I am probably going to be publishing about what I went through in the last 12 hours. But for right now, Let’s talk feelings! 

Despite of what challenges I am going through in real life (outside this blog) I always want to publish good vibes. We need more positivity around here. 

“I don’t know why I feel like this, but I do. And I’m sorry.” 

When you read that line, what do you think of? For some weird reason, I imagine a guy on a process of telling his girlfriend the truth. I imagine him feeling like crap for feeling how he feels, crappier than how the girl is going to feel after he says he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. 

I also imagine a girl confessing the truth to her significant other. Admitting she’s hurt and apologizing for it. 

Two different situations but have one in common, and that is apologizing for how they are feeling. It might be hard and as you can see, when we read something like that or hear a story like that, we automatically think sad for the person whose listening. But really think about it. I do feel bad for the listener but have you ever thought the one talking and feeling all the feelings? If that makes sense. I do. All the time. 

I don’t think anyone should apologize for how they feel. Especially if they are honest about it. They are actually doing you a favor. Giving you the truth. Kind of like a reality check. If you feel some type of way, and you step up and say it and let it be known, to me, you are one of the bravest kind out there. Because that is not an easy thing to do. 

If you are that person, whose right now feeling something, and you’re not sure whether to keep it in and hope it dies out or if you’re debating to announce it, I say let it be known. Take this as a sign. Because you are entitled of your own feelings. Do not try to silence your own voice and lock it in a box somewhere, because it is not fair to do that to yourself. Be honest and embrace your feelings. Stop apologizing for it. 


Hello everyone and welcome again. Okay so, I discovered this really cool app in my phone, it’s called Vent. The name itself should tell you what it is. It is where people vent about anything and everything. I have many apps like this. Lately, this has been the one I have been going back to. Just reading other people’s rant throughout the day is really interesting to me. If I have not mentioned, I get my blog post ideas from everywhere including apps like this. Well this topic caught my attention. So I am going to talk about it.


 Hmm. Sounds pretty long.

How far and how long is long distance relationship and can they survive?

Here is what I think..

I believe that long distance relationships to survive. We do not hear much of success stories because we all focus on the bad, and that is true. I know people who were in a long distance relationship and now married and very happy. Granted, it is not an easy relationship. You have to have trust and you have to be able to reassure yourself when your significant other is not there to do it for you. I can say that I am not biased because I was in one and it failed. But just because mine failed does not mean others’ relationship cannot survive.

Being afraid to be in one is understandable and I can’t blame you, but I don’t think you should let distance stop you from loving someone. It’s not like you can anyway, but I am just saying.


Something about the smell of empty notebooks and their texture, the way they sound as you flip through the pages drove me to collect them. when I walk through the isles of a local grocery or even a convinient store, I always end up strolling towards the scrapbooking or school supplies. 

This fascination that I have towards pretty blank pages and notebooks started before I discovered my love for words. When I was in elementary, I did not spend my money on candy bars. Instead, during lunch breaks I would walk to the closest bookstore where they sold hard covered notebooks. I did not have to buy them,  I really just liked to flip through them and feel them. 

Until this day, I still do the same thing I did as a kid. Whenever I get a chance, especially during my days off,  I still find myself driving to a local bookstore. With a cup of hot Starbucks coffee on hand, I could circle a bookstore all day. 


I am awaken by the smell of spring. I then realized We slept with our windows bare. The sunlight reaches us and makes our bed even warmer, but not too warm. The wind blows and I smell fresh flowers. My caffeine obsession tells me to brew coffee. Just a mug or two since I am the only one here who likes it. But hearing you breathe in deep sleep makes me want to stay in bed forever. You look so peaceful and I wonder what you are dreaming about. I have always wanted to experience this. Laying here with the one I love and adore, burried in between white sheets and not thinking of anything else but what I feel at the moment. Cozy. 

So I lay here for five more minutes or maybe six before getting up to start our early meal. I want you to wake up to the smell of breakfast. I believe that’s the second best way to wake up. Anybody would agree. I brew my caffeine, make our meal and walk around this old house for a little bit just to appreciate the old wood creak as I walk on them holding my cup of jo. The smell of old wood and coffee combined makes me think of one of those movies where they live in a house far away from people, have a farm and just enjoy simplicity. I think everybody deserves this kind of break. Everybody deserves to wake up to the sound of nothing but birds, not the alarm clock or the door bell. Finally, I found my way back to our room. I examime the view from the hall way while still holding my huge mug, where I can see our bed. I walk closer with the intention to wake you up. Not that I want to, but the food would get cold if I let you sleep more. I sit there trying to decide if a hot meal is worth waking you up but then you moan and open your eyes. That just tells me I made the breakfast right.