I understand some people are not a fan of confronting others. But you don’t have to. All you have to do is be honest. Why is it easier for us to lie and pretend? Why is it so hard to be honest most of the time? Generally speaking, whether if it is a simple opinion, or something that could change someone’s life. Which makes it ten times even more important for us to be honest. 

Relationship wise, if someone is clearly pushing a serious one and you are far from even picturing yourself settling for a while. Be honest. It saves the other person the heartache and will save you the guilt of leading someone on and pretending. It’s exhausting. 

If you got butt-hurt over something, even if you think it’s something little, if it bothers you enough to be thinking about it, let it be known. Again, be honest. Because what is he point of holding it in when you know it will build up eventually and will put hate in your mind and heart. So unhealthy

If someone asks you for a favor, and you do not want to do it, then don’t! All you have to do is say no. When people ask you a question, including favors, it requires an answer. Most of the time we think it’s a one way street. 

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