A pretty or a handsome face is attractive. It’s something nice to look at. We all like to have a pretty or handsome person in a room.  You can try to say and convince yourself that you don’t judge by the book by its cover, but you do. We all do. We judge and then we decide if we want to give someone the benefit of the doubt. The not so ugly truth. But a pretty face means nothing if you just want to sit stagnant your whole life. What’s your purpose other than to sit there and look pretty? What can you do? Do you even know what you’re capable of? A pretty face can take you places, that is correct. We see it in the movies a lot. But a pretty face will fade in time. Think of a handsome German shepherd but is untrained and can’t even understand what sit means. Eventually, people will find someone else more attractive and younger. So where do you go when that happens? Or are you going to continue believing that that will never happen? Educating yourself even just a little can only benefit you. Don’t rely on your face forever. Because you will grow old but your brain is something no one can take away from you. 

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