How much should a wedding ring cost? Well. If you ask me, I say more than thousands. More than millions. It is almost out of reach. But the beauty of it is that only two people can know. People are out here, especially the celebrities. Not that I am hating, but I really think money divert people’s attention from what truly matters. 

Wedding rings, engagement rings or promise rings aren’t just metal that hugs around your fourth finger. It’s a promise that money can never afford. When you see a ring, when someone presents you the ring. Pay attention to the person, and not so much at how much or how big the stone is. It’s a reminder. That’s all. 


Just because you do not understand something, doesn’t make it stupid. People like you make me sick. But then again, I can’t blame you. You were not educated well. But let me just tell you something, and keep this in mind. Maybe one day you’ll remember this moment. Instead of judging something you do not understand, learn why. Study it. Try to understand it. Educate yourself why people do the things that they do. You do not live in a little bubble. You live in a world full of people with different cultures and practices. People with different point of views and opinion about things. While I preach about being open minded, you should try to get out of the close mindedness. Ignorance is not bliss. You just look really dumb. 


I’m a savage in a different way. I don’t pretend not to care about people. In fact, I care until I can’t. I try atleast. I try until it fails. And if it does, it will only make me a better person. I don’t try to act like someone I’m not, nor do I pretend to like something I don’t. I don’t dress the way society tells me to. Why should I? That’s a common mistake most of you make. You try to fit in. So eventually all of you will start to look, feel and act the same. Eventually being different is something we don’t see often. Eventually it becomes easier to take everyone for granted. But can you blame them? 


Strangers can become bestfriends just as easy as bestfriends can become strangers. That’s what’s interesting about being around different people. You never know what’s coming next. Because we are like a walking little universe, different things pique our interests and it takes only one word and a second to be standing next to someone and then you just click. And the same goes to bestfriends. It doesn’t matter how long you two have known each other. It takes one word and a second, depending on how strong you believe your friendship is, two people can separate ways the same way and just as quick as you two became bestfriends. 


A pretty or a handsome face is attractive. It’s something nice to look at. We all like to have a pretty or handsome person in a room.  You can try to say and convince yourself that you don’t judge by the book by its cover, but you do. We all do. We judge and then we decide if we want to give someone the benefit of the doubt. The not so ugly truth. But a pretty face means nothing if you just want to sit stagnant your whole life. What’s your purpose other than to sit there and look pretty? What can you do? Do you even know what you’re capable of? A pretty face can take you places, that is correct. We see it in the movies a lot. But a pretty face will fade in time. Think of a handsome German shepherd but is untrained and can’t even understand what sit means. Eventually, people will find someone else more attractive and younger. So where do you go when that happens? Or are you going to continue believing that that will never happen? Educating yourself even just a little can only benefit you. Don’t rely on your face forever. Because you will grow old but your brain is something no one can take away from you. 


I am not going to lie, when someone asks me a question that puts me under a spotlight, depending on what it is, sometimes I catch myself lying. We’ll sort of. You know when you are sure of an answer but then you don’t want to hurt them. I can write about encouraging people to be honest about their opinion, because I know how hard it is to tell the truth especially when there are feelings involved. We tend to try to protect them from being hurt by lying. I am not sure why we do it and sometimes I question if it’s wrong to do it. that’s why I have so much respect to those who always tell me the truth no matter how hard it is.