I am currently sitting here waiting for my turn to get my blood drawn. While I sit here along with other people who are also waiting for their turn, I cannot help but notice the difference between us all. I am pregnant, there is a whole family sitting in front of me, their children’s attention are all on their tablets. Parents now a days have it easy in my opinion. Because when I was growing up, I did not have the luxury of having to play with tablets while my mother waited or whatever she had to do. We had to behave simply because we did not want to upset my mother or get her mad. Nobody wanted to see her mad. Now, parents have a way of distracting their children and that is good but I think there are some cons about it. They forget to listen to their parents.

Then there is a lady next to me, she looks very nice and dressed as if she just left from work to come here. I am not sure what she is here for but she was arguing with somebody on her phone, I overheard. I like eves dropping , if you did not know that already. I like to observe too because I am curious. I have thing urge to know how other people live and what they do. I find beauty from just sitting here in silence but really my thoughts are going 600 miles per hour.

Lastly, I adore the old couple who just now sat in front of me after the whole family just went in for their turn. Although she is not wearing her wedding ring, I can tell they love each other. Their attempt to whisper to each other did not work as they think it did. Everybody in this room could hear them. It is cute still, they cover their mouths and talk in each others ears while we the rest of us smile at each other.

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