I want you to know that I appreciate you visiting and reading my articles. You are the reason why I love writing more. Because it tells me that somebody appreciates the words I pour onto these pages while I get high on inspirations. I assure you that I do this out of pleasure but I crave to be better at it in every single article I publish. This is a hobby that I have been neglecting for a long time. It angers me whenever I sit and think about how much I could have improved by now if only I decided to entertain my love for writing sooner. I should have published sooner and kept track. Instead, I wrote them down on random pieces of papers and ended up misplacing them. I kept procrastinating until I lost all my ideas. Now that I finally decided to cherish what I have, I vow to always make time. For myself, because I do not want to regret something twice. Especially if it is something like this. Again, thank you and keep in touch.


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