Hello everyone! I’ve missed you all so much! So I finally found time to sit and type about our birth story slash journey. 

So, my due date is originally on Wednesday, August 4th. But little one was stubborn and decided to stay longer. We set up a date for us to be induced, which is a week after my due date. I swear to you, I did everything I could to try to “induce” naturally . Mainly because I was miserable. My back was killing me, my feet were swollen, my joints even in my hands we aching. So I bounced on my pregnancy ball, walked as much as I could even when my hips felt like it was going to fall off. 

Saturday night after my due date was when my water broke! Around 12 midnight, I was in bed with my husband, I felt little contractions they felt very mild so I ignored them until I thought I peer myself… And it just kept going!  

I wasn’t in panic, infact, my husband was more worried about what to do next while I stood there and kept saying, “OMG, my water broke!” 

We drove to the hospital, checked in and we’re still very overwhelmed. I was eager to do a normal delivery. I was excited to feel the pain. 
But things did not go that way… 

I was in labor for almost 24 hours. I was only 5 cm dilated. Our Doctor tried to wait but she finally said we need to do cesarean section because the baby and I were at risk for infection. In fact, by the time they wheeled me in the operating room, I was already shaking because of a fever. Even though my husband was there, to try to comfort me, I could not understand what he was saying. I was too out of it. I was scared and wanted to run away. I was so unprepared to go through a surgery. 

But then, 

I heard him cry. 

When I heard him cry, even though I couldn’t see him, happiness came through me like hot flashes. I was weak but I managed a smile. I could here my husband say “I’m so proud of you”  and “he’s here baby. ” that was when I started crying my eyes out. And then I blacked out. 

The next thing I remember was waking up in a small room and my husband and child out of sight. My mom walked in and showed me pictures of my husband bathing our child. Part of me was a little jealous for not being able to hold the baby right away. But then again I was very happy to hear about how my husband was when he saw our baby. He was so proud of him. So happy to finally meet our baby. 

He even did a skin to skin with Kostandin. 

They’re my reason to live. I love them so much. 

5 thoughts on “STORY TIME: LABOR

  1. Wow.. You are one strong mama. Congratulations. I went through c section too it will be painful at first but in time you will heal even though it may have been traumatic I bet you would do it all again to meet your lil one.
    Much love. Xx

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