Society will tell you that you’re too skinny. Society will tell you that you’re too fat. Society will make it seem like there is no in between. And then we try to fix it by saying “love yourself for who and what you are. ” but turn around and body shame body types that contradict ours. Why can’t we just say everybody is beautiful without bias? Or why can’t you not say it if you don’t mean it. I think that’s better. If you do not think someone is attractive, then keep it to yourself. We need to encourage peace and love. We need to encourage girls to embrace their own body type. So let them. Just because you don’t think someone is attractive because of their figure, doesn’t mean other people see them the same way. And don’t feel terrible if you don’t find someone attractive by their figure because we all are entitled to our own opinion. I’m not saying you should try to sugar coat things. I’m just saying that if you don’t have any nice things to say, then don’t say anything at all. 


When you love yourself first, you won’t let anyone treat you anywhere far from good. Because when you love yourself, you have standards and you know how you want to be treated. When you love yourself first, you know what you deserve and you know not to be a doormat. You know the difference between compromising because you fancy, or love somebody and letting someone drag you around and make you look like a hungry drooling puppy. When you love yourself first, you also know your worth and know that you are strong enough to hold a door open to anyone whose willing to walk out of your life. You know not to beg for love and especially know not to let anyone tell you you’re not worth it.