The picture above is my other official blog Little Miss Kateye.

I started blogging a month and a half ago. At first I tried WordPress but I did not have the patience to sit and learn so I decided to settle for Weebly. I did not realize that WordPress had one of the best platforms. Even though my blog Little Miss Kateye gets anpretty decent views, and the blog is also connected to pretty much everything. Like Bloglovin and stuff. I realized how limited Weebly can be. So far I am unsatisfied. Granted it can be hard to please me. But on here, even though I had just started this little chitchat blog, I feel like I can interact with people more where as weebly, basically it is a stand alone. And the worst part is, I paid for a web hosting. This chitchat blog of mine is actually free.

So I have decided, I will give it time. Like I already mentioned, my other blog will be dedicated for a more formal slash creative  thing. And this one will be dedicated to plain random ramblings like this one.

Tell me what you think I should do if i end up liking wordpress more.

Here are my other social media stuff. Be my friend.