What’s for me will always be for me. Who’s meant to be in my life, will be there forever or close to it atleast. So I don’t stress. I don’t sweat. I don’t always try to seek for validation. Sometimes, maybe. I’m only human. We all crave it. But it is what it is. I let things go. I let things happen. I don’t try to get out of my own way to stop something or someone. I don’t waste any time or energy on things that I cannot control. I’ve been hurt from it before and now I just choose to sit back and let life take me wherever it takes me. I let life take negative people out. I learned that if you don’t stress about it, life will gladly do that for you, and when it does, just let it. Ride with it. Work on moving on instead. Save all your energy for yourself. 


The word sorry does nothing but piss me off. Congratulations, you have officially made me hate that word. You did something wrong. And you say sorry. No. Don’t give me that bull. Sorry so the ball is  in my court? Sorry to make me think you really are, when we all know you have done this before. Sorry so that you can get another pass to do it again? How about shove the sorry up your behind. How about do something about it. How about don’t tell me sorry and just prove that you really are. Because I’m getting really tired of it. I’m tired to the point where I don’t even want to see your face anymore. Because everytime I do, it’s like the word “sorry” is written all over your face. I just want to smack it. I’m starting to hate you as much as I hate that word. Prove me wrong, or stay away from me. 


You know when someone lies and lies and lies, you sit there and act like you’re interested in listening but really you’re just thinking, “wow, you’re a hell of an actor. How can you lie so good. ” You sit there and think of how many times you’ve tried to lie but you just couldn’t. It takes a true talent I guess. But that feeling that you have when you’re listening to them and in your head you’re thinking, “Man, you are so full of shit. ” You don’t say anything. You just let them finish. You listen. You don’t notice but you start to squint your eyes. It’s funny. It’s a funny feeling and at the same time it’s a satisfying one too. To catch someone. To really see through their bs. You smile again. And just say “oh wow.. Cool.” Then your mind starts to wander. Do you call them out? Or do you walk away satisfied with your closure right there. Realizing that you’ve already wasted more than enough time, knowing you’re far better than that person? 


It’s not hard to impress a girl who adores you. Your presence alone is probably the best gift you can give her. You have to realize that she looks forward to seeing you everyday  and wishes she could be with you all the time. A girl who adores you will not care about fancy things because she will care more about the effort.  She will not pressure you to do anything you do not like. She will understand and appreciate. She will be selfless. She will not take you away from your friends. She will trust you. Of course though, you would have to treasure that if you want to keep it that way. Girls are like genies. You have to rub them the right way or else they’ll act or turn into something almost unbelievable. They do things because they follow what they feel. Don’t plant anything but good thoughts in their minds because their gut feelings are powerful. They almost don’t have a cap when it comes to emotions. They feel too much. 


The person you will marry is currently walking the earth, living their own life, creating memories, good and bad that you will hear about years from now. So get out there and do the same. Enjoy your life and enjoy yourself. Actually, stop looking for him or her. You will find each other when the time is right, at the right place. Meanwhile, you go experience as much as you can. Travel around and try new things. Enjoy your friends’ company and meet people. Nobody said you can’t have fun single. Enjoy it while you can. The breeze will seem different when you meet him. So enjoy the now and what’s in front of you. Go on a date with yourself. Enjoy your family. Help the helpless and spread love. Be kind. Document everything if you can so that one day, you can share it with him or her, and maybe decide to do it together. Have fun and don’t rush. 


Hello my loves. See, I was going to write something as always. I wanted to write something simple like always. A paragraph as usual, but even that I can’t do right now. I am exhausted. By the way, I’m still pregnant. Just to let you guys know. This is me talking, the author of this blog. Hello! I will be 40 weeks this Wednesday. And let me tell you, I am soooo done. I’m so ready. I cannot wait.  I am anxious to meet the little guy. I have mixed emotions about everything. Wait, how did I even get there. I just wanted to say hi. And let you guise know I’m still here breathing. I drove pretty much all day today you know. And walked too. Anyway, if you have any recommendations as to making this journey a little bit easier and comfortable, please step forward. I’d really appreciate it. And I’m goig to sleep you guise. Goodnight!

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