I have only been around for twenty two years and I know I have learned quiet a decent amount of wisdom and lessons. One of those is the fact that hearts do not break even. Everybody wants closure right? When it comes to separation especially. Good or bad. Closure is one of the things that people do not really get a lot when going through a break up. That’s why a lot of us hang on for too long. We wait around. Still hopeful. 

Someone could break your heart today, and then move on tomorrow like nothing ever happened to them, while you’re in bed crying your heart out and over thinking about what you could’ve done differently. 

So, what do we do? Well first, you’ve got to admit that things just happen. Sometimes for no reason at all. No justifying or you’ll spend your life questioning every little thing that happens to you. Sometimes, things just happen. So, it’s possible  that he just woke up and realized he didn’t want to be with you? Yes. Oh yes. So.. Take that as your closure and go. Run while you can. 

Take a good look at yourself. After that, ask yourself if you’re proud of how you are, or pay attention to every little details of your face. Pamper yourself. You’ve given your best. You don not deserve by less than that. 

Chin up and look forward. Doesn’t mean jump into another person. Breathe in and out. Run. Take care of yourself. Sooner or later, you’ll meet the one who will treat you how you want to be treated. 

Do not settle for less just because you’re scared to be alone. The best is worth the wait. Keep your standards high. You won’t be alone forever. Use this time to reflect and appreciate yourself. 


Hey, you don’t have to be always positive you know. As someone who loves to express how I feel and what I think here on my blog. I can’t help but feel the pressure to be always positive about things around me. I was worse a month ago I can tell you that. But I got over it. Somehow. I still feel pressure sometimes because well, I have the urge to push people up. Just go. Go up and not look back. You know what I mean? But I always remind myself that I’m only human. Surprise! I think of negative stuff too. I judge. I get sad. I feel emotional. Like you. I always try to remind myself that this blog is original and raw. I’m not going to pretend to be someone who only think of happy thoughts and you shouldn’t be too. I mean, how I wish I am that kind of person. Even though I don’t think there’s anyone here who do not get sad. Because we all do. So, yeah. Don’t be ashamed about being negative. After all, negative thoughts are what makes positive thoughts more special. Embrace them. Nag all you want. Because I will. 


I lost interest when your actions stopped correlating with your words. Yeah, you are cute alright. You are everything a girl would want to have and to hold hands with. You’re the type of guy who turns heads and you are the kind of guy every girl wish to fall asleep with. But you’re full of shit. And thank goodness it did not take me long to realize that, but when I did, I couldn’t look at you the same. To me, you’re a joke. And every word that came out of your mouth made me sick to my stomach. I almost want to smack you in the face everytime you open your mouth. You’re not worth it. You’re a piece of garbage. And you certainly do not deserve a woman like me. 


I am not going to lie, when someone asks me a question that puts me under a spotlight, depending on what it is, sometimes I catch myself lying. We’ll sort of. You know when you are sure of an answer but then you don’t want to hurt them. I can write about encouraging people to be honest about their opinion, because I know how hard it is to tell the truth especially when there are feelings involved. We tend to try to protect them from being hurt by lying. I am not sure why we do it and sometimes I question if it’s wrong to do it. that’s why I have so much respect to those who always tell me the truth no matter how hard it is. 


People often ask, if you realized you have made a mistake before, why do you do it again? For as long as my existence in this world as I can remember, mistakes felt good before we knew it was a mistake. And just by the label of it and the fact that we recognize it as a mistake, it automatically becomes a temptation. Something that we should never commit again. But we are all human, this is not to justify why some people choose to commit  the same mistakes over and over again, but this is to explain a posible reason as to why people commit the same mistakes more than once. It could be because they like the thrill of it, or simply because they’re already familiar with the feeling that comes with it. Still, whether if it is about a relationship or for the sake of being a good person, you are human and have the ability to weigh what’s worth more. The person you are going to hurt again or the thrill of committing again.