A pretty or a handsome face is attractive. It’s something nice to look at. We all like to have a pretty or handsome person in a room.  You can try to say and convince yourself that you don’t judge by the book by its cover, but you do. We all do. We judge and then we decide if we want to give someone the benefit of the doubt. The not so ugly truth. But a pretty face means nothing if you just want to sit stagnant your whole life. What’s your purpose other than to sit there and look pretty? What can you do? Do you even know what you’re capable of? A pretty face can take you places, that is correct. We see it in the movies a lot. But a pretty face will fade in time. Think of a handsome German shepherd but is untrained and can’t even understand what sit means. Eventually, people will find someone else more attractive and younger. So where do you go when that happens? Or are you going to continue believing that that will never happen? Educating yourself even just a little can only benefit you. Don’t rely on your face forever. Because you will grow old but your brain is something no one can take away from you. 


I am a firm believer that each person has their own stars within them. They shine and we all are born with our own unique shine. They shine of course. But it’s our responsibility to find them and to discover them. It’s what I call passion. Each person has their own passion within. And it does not matter whether it’s with art, or books. Some of us tend to ignore them because we are so busy with obsessing ourselves with others’. We are so busy occupying our minds with the things that we want and the things that we don’t have. We end up wanting to be just like them to the point where we burry ourselves deep and it makes it harder for most people to realize that they exist. We end up living in other people’s shadows and become followers. We forget about ourselves. We end up loving ourselves less instead of discovering what we are capable of. We get jealous and then we feel insecure. We get sad and then we feel useless. We get so attached to the idea of what we should have, we can barely recognize ourselves when we look at the mirror. All we see is an empty vessel whose always waiting on the person or the society to dictate what we should do next. 

But don’t let it get that far. Stop for a second and breathe. Ask yourself, what really makes you happy? Be different and don’t be ashamed of yourself just because your interests are unlike what you see on the front page of the magazine. Find the stars within yourself. I promise, they exist. And it’s not too late to find it. 


Everything that you have lost in life is still out there somewhere. Like that asshole who broke your heart. He’s still out there chasing women and leading them on. Nothing new. Like that friend who you thought was your friend until she turned around and stole your cash without asking and then made up stories about you, she’s still out there stealing from someone else and she’s still talking about anything but good. Because that’s how she is and she never changed. Like the bestfriend that you lost over a miscommunication because she believed others instead of you. She’s now bestfriend with someone else, but still believing others over her so called bestfriend. They’re still out there doing the same exact thing. Funny how things go in circles. Break it. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re doing so you do not end up like them. No direction. Never will grow up. 

Because you are better than them. You gained when you lost them. 


We all have heard it before. Social media ruins relationships. But I don’t think so. It is our lack of communication with each other that ruins relationships. Instead of sitting down and speak about a problem, somehow we turn to social media and fuss about the problem. 

Social media do not ruin relationships. It’s an excuse for our laziness to communicate. Or an excuse for our own selfish reasons. Granted, it is easier to fuss on Facebook rather than facing the problem and fixing it. But why? Why do people choose to expose things that should be kept in private? Especially if it’s about a relationship. When clearly, doing so won’t even fix the problem. In fact, doing so is like announcing that you’re miserable. It’s like somehow we think that when we announce our problems, people will care and we expect them to be sincere, but the truth is, most people go on social media because of people like you (who like to cry on Facebook). I have to admit and this might be something you are not going to like, and that is that reading other people’s problems can be entertaining. 

And if you’re sitting there saying “not really“, so you’re telling me you haven’t sat there and scrolled through your social media and said “oh wow they broke up again”. Or maybe I’m just being too honest. 


Somebody asked me an interesting question today, and that is.. How do you cut off toxic people? My answer is simple, and that is.. SIMPLY STOP TALKING TO THEM. “But it’s not that easy.” YES IT IS

It really is. As we grow up, we face reality also known as priorities. Different people have different priorities. I am a 21 year old woman and I am pregnant and married. My priorities cannot be the same as a 21 year old woman who is single and is working on getting on a Mercy Ship. Although it is a great thing to do and I applaud everybody who is on that ship or has been on it. Or my priorities cannot be the same as a 21 year old woman who is single and loves to party. There is nothing wrong with that just so I am clear. I hope you get my point.

At some point of my life though, I had to cut off toxic people for many reasons and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can become a happier person and become a more productive human being. If that someone you are wanting to cut off is a close friend for a long time or someone you have a great attachment with, try talking to them first. Tell them how you feel. I would not cut off someone without attempting to make things better. So, tell them and so the ball is in their court. They decide. And if nothing changes, then just cut them off. No contacts or emails sort of cut off. Because we all grow up and sometimes we have to make adult decisions for the sake of our own happiness.

You should only surround yourself with people who push you to want to become a better person. Trust me, you need them. And if you are in the stage of thinking about cutting off toxic people, 99% of the time, this is the time where you realize  that your family will always be there for you no matter what.

Give them huge hugs for me.

-Katreena x


Hello everyone! This post will be a little different, since I will be seeking opinions from everybody especially from men. Whether if you are a follower of mine or not, your opinions are welcome! I was not quite sure how to tackle this topic because it honestly caught me off guard. I still don’t know how, so I’m just going to type away and hope I make sense. 

Today, while driving down a busy highway to go back to work after picking up a lunch, I was going about 50 something miles per hour. A car tried to catch up and stayed close next to mine while yelling and signaling for me to roll me front passenger window down. I saw him, of course. But I stayed focus on the road and did not want to turn my head although I can see him. He also did a “call me” signal which really disgusted me. How do you deal with that? I felt super uncomfortable and I felt disrespected. To be honest, I wanted to roll down my front passenger window to throw my hot lunch at him. But that would be a road range and plus, I was too hungry to waste my food on someone I don’t even know. It makes me sad but at the same time I’m mad. 

I sped up, hoping he would just leave me alone. For a couple of minutes he tried and tried. What if I was not driving? What if the situation was totally different? What if I was walking down the street and someone did that? How do you deal?