Stop wasting your time on people who doesn’t even give a damn about you. Take a step back and look at yourself for minute. You can’t forever pause everything for a person who is not even thinking about you. You can’t sit there and waste a great day just hopefully waiting for a text. Again, from a person who isn’t even thinking of you or from a person who isn’t planning to even contact you. You don’t deserve to be treated or feeling like that. You are depriving yourself from a happiness that could easily be reached if you just know your own worth. Stop checking your phone every two minutes because a person like you deserve more than that. Go out there and do something for yourself. 


Problems in life will hold you back from a lot of things. But the same problems that hold you back, like shooting a bow and arrow are the same problems that are going to shoot you out one day, shoot you farther than anyone can even imagine just depending on how you handle yourself and the situation. That’s why we should never compare our beginnings to someone else’s middle. Unless you want an ordinary, boring and unproductive life. Beginnings are hard and we all are scared from it. We run from it. We settle because we refuse changes. Some people are contented to be ordinary and live an ordinary life but some, like you, deserve to be more than that. You deserve to be on top of the world. But you’re not going to get there easily obviously. You would have to fight your way up there and keep your focus. You cannot judge your ending by what your beginning looks like.