Dont put others first when in the end, you always turn around and say you’re hurt for putting yourself last. What’s the point of being selfless when at the end you nag about how sorry you feel for yourself? Being selfless means doing things without expecting anything in return and nobody told you to be selfless in the first place. You somewhat did that to yourself. Nobody told you to put others before yourself. You’ve decided to be that so don’t blame others for how you feel. So you say that you are so done putting others first. So be it. Talking about it isn’t going to change the fact that you still feel like crap, does it? Be selfish once in a while. Make yourself happy first.


Hello everyone! Have I mentioned the fact that my mind goes 10000 miles per hour? I think I have. So, there are two thingsĀ that I want to confess. First, the fact that I have been filtering some topics that I post on my blog. Yeah, I know. I should be original and I want to share uplifting things and encourage all of you to focus on the good in every situation, and second, I also get thoughts like people would not expect. I actually think it is weird and I often ask myself, “am I the only one who thinks of this? Or are we all just afraid to put our thoughts out there because we are scared to be criticized?”. I am only human after all. After days of digging and searching for other blogs who could provide me with the same thoughts or something to prove that I am not the only one who comments and pays attention to little things. Even the petty ones, like a guy at the library who accidentally farted himself, or thoughts and comments about a petty person we see on Facebook posting about her problems and how we are all tired of it. Those kind of things. Since I have not really found anything like that, I decided to add a category on here about chitchats. Basically, it is a category where you will find me venting and talking to you, or to myself about what I think about…. Well, anything. Whether if it is about a leaf or a hybrid mosquito that is flying around threatening to take my life. Really, anything. Because why not? I know some of you will be able to relate. Although I really believe that people just refuse to talk about the little things for the sake of just wanting to stay on the safe side. Being afraid to be judge for what we choose to talk about. HEY! It’s what a blog is for. Stop it. You will also get to know me more. Isn’t that exciting?

I shall warn you. I have just opened another door to this blog. Meaning more post coming your way!