It saddens me when I see or read a Facebook post from a girl who sees herself as worthless. Always asking when she can find someone who will tell her what she wants  to hear, take her to places, or just call her at night. Simple things. So she ends up settling for someone who binds pretty little words for her to make her smile but then completely rip her heart apart when he decides he’s bored and done, only because he really did not know her worth. It saddens me to even know that there’s a girl out there who depends on a boy’s compliments or how there is a girl out there who believes that she always has to put a front, never going out without make up on. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to embrace yourself as well as your own flaws. 

To the girl who doesn’t know her worth, this one is for you; you are a goddess.  And once you know what that truly means, I pray for anyone who tries to hurt you. 


Hello everyone! This post will be a little different, since I will be seeking opinions from everybody especially from men. Whether if you are a follower of mine or not, your opinions are welcome! I was not quite sure how to tackle this topic because it honestly caught me off guard. I still don’t know how, so I’m just going to type away and hope I make sense. 

Today, while driving down a busy highway to go back to work after picking up a lunch, I was going about 50 something miles per hour. A car tried to catch up and stayed close next to mine while yelling and signaling for me to roll me front passenger window down. I saw him, of course. But I stayed focus on the road and did not want to turn my head although I can see him. He also did a “call me” signal which really disgusted me. How do you deal with that? I felt super uncomfortable and I felt disrespected. To be honest, I wanted to roll down my front passenger window to throw my hot lunch at him. But that would be a road range and plus, I was too hungry to waste my food on someone I don’t even know. It makes me sad but at the same time I’m mad. 

I sped up, hoping he would just leave me alone. For a couple of minutes he tried and tried. What if I was not driving? What if the situation was totally different? What if I was walking down the street and someone did that? How do you deal? 



It is one of those days where make up suddenly joins my side. I have been very lazy when it comes to putting anything on my face lately let alone do my hair. Today though, I felt different. I think because I am off and have nothing else better to do.

It is only mid day and I already feel pretty productive.

I sometimes get bored and go to Ross to drool over some stuff that I know I would not buy. Not at the moment anyway. It is always been a thing. There is nothing wrong with pretend shopping. I used to drag my husband around just to look at things and pretend we are shopping for our own home. I know I am not the only one that does this. Anyone?

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