You know that moment when you literally lose all respect you have for the person you used to adore. It’s probably the weirdest and most awkward thing you will ever feel. Like, you used to be able to sit there all day and just watch and admire the person. Hell, you could sit there all day and write good things about that person and still that whole day wouldn’t be enough. You say to yourself how awesome it is to finally meet a person who interests you. But then one day, all that pops like an air bubble. You realize how shitty the person is. You realized you were just blinded with your own interests. So you watch them as you put your own feelings aside and realize that everything they do actually bothers you. It starts to annoy you. Your respect evaporates when you see them treat other people. But at the same time they’re still nice to you. So it’s awkward. Now what? 


I understand that you just want to be loved. Trust me, I have read and heard you talk about it enough. But that doesn’t justify why you should let someone walk all over you. You are not being loved. You are being taken advantage of. You are being taken for granted. You like to think you are being loved because that’s what you have been looking for. Hey, wake up. You are only fooling yourself. If you want to be loved, accept what’s infront of you. How do you expect to be loved by the right one, when you’re the one stopping it from happening? Don’t be a doormat. The right person who is meant to love you will not walk all over you. He or she will not let anyone walk all over you. He or she will be there to defend your honor whether you are present or not. The right one will respect you. It’s better to let someone walk away from you than walk all over you. 


Why are you worried about getting noticed more than you should be craving for respect? Generally speaking, I sometimes feel like the world is starting to flip upside down. You’re showing a perfectly opposite example of what you should be showing the future generation. How is it going to be? One day, respect will be something no one will even recognize. Isn’t that scary and sickening? You’re so desperate about getting attention to the point where you forget you’re even a person. A human that should be respected. Not a thing, not a piece of meat that men can hump and leave when they’re done. Not someone people will use. You’re not a walking circus. Stop acting like one.