Have you ever loved someone? Doesn’t it feel amazing? But you know what’s better? To be loved by them back. It’s a feeling that I would wish everyone to have or experience atleast once in a lifetime. You wake up everyday and you always have something and someone to look forward to. Them. Especially when you wake up next to them and see them in their deep sleep. Observing them and seeing every little details of their face. Or when they wake you up with a kiss on your forehead. When you open your eyes and see them already smiling at you and then they say good morning. You always feel like every morning is the best morning ever. Just knowing that someone is also thinking of you the way you think of them. Knowing someone sees your flaws as features, something that makes you perfect instead of viewing them as simply flaws. And of course, knowing someone is there to love you and someone you know you can depend on when life gets tough. 


He cheated on you. You’re mad. But why are you more mad at the other person? She did not cheat on you, your man did. She was not the one who was supposedly committed to you, he was. The fact that you’re even defending him from her is something I cannot stomach. Is it a form of defense? Is it something you do to try to deal with the betrayal? Because if so, wake up. You can’t always let someone step on you like that. Bottom line is that you got cheated on. It doesn’t matter what, how, where and with who. You got cheated on. That should be more than enough to make you realize you deserve better. Pretending is only going to make you look stupid. Obviously, you have wasted too much time and effort on the wrong person. 


I am tired of reading and hearing girls moan about how they cannot find a man that will do this and this and that. Apparently they can’t find a guy who would take them out on a decent date, pull out chairs and open doors for them. They can’t find a guy that would tell them they’re beautiful and talk about them with his friends, or kiss their foreheads. Well let me tell you something, you can’t find them because you are looking at the wrong direction. How can you expect those behaviors from anyone really, when you are at the club looking for them. How can you complain about commitment when you are always in bars letting other guys pick you up? I am not saying there are no good guys that hang around those places, I’m saying that those places are meant for people who just wants to have fun or maybe a little break. Not a destination to look for your forever love. 


It saddens me when I see or read a Facebook post from a girl who sees herself as worthless. Always asking when she can find someone who will tell her what she wants  to hear, take her to places, or just call her at night. Simple things. So she ends up settling for someone who binds pretty little words for her to make her smile but then completely rip her heart apart when he decides he’s bored and done, only because he really did not know her worth. It saddens me to even know that there’s a girl out there who depends on a boy’s compliments or how there is a girl out there who believes that she always has to put a front, never going out without make up on. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to embrace yourself as well as your own flaws. 

To the girl who doesn’t know her worth, this one is for you; you are a goddess.  And once you know what that truly means, I pray for anyone who tries to hurt you. 


Hard work comes in different forms. Each of us have battles that we face everyday and sometimes it is a struggle to even just get up from bed. Sometimes we feel like we are at a dead end and it’s hard to remember why we are even here. We tend to forget about how far we have gone. That’s why it’s always good to take a break. It doesn’t have to be all fancy and it doesn’t mean you have to take a complete week off from work. Sometimes taking a break just means taking two hours out of your day to reminisce about your favorite memory. Or take a day out of a week to do something out of your routine. Wake up late, or go for a run without thinking of where to go. Just run. Sweat it all out. Or go to the local bookstore. Sometimes taking a break means taking yourself to a different environment whether if it’s a library, or the local zoo. Find your inspiration again and remind yourself that you have gone so far. Taking a break means taking a moment to appreciate the little things that you have been taking for granted lately. 


We all have heard it before. Social media ruins relationships. But I don’t think so. It is our lack of communication with each other that ruins relationships. Instead of sitting down and speak about a problem, somehow we turn to social media and fuss about the problem. 

Social media do not ruin relationships. It’s an excuse for our laziness to communicate. Or an excuse for our own selfish reasons. Granted, it is easier to fuss on Facebook rather than facing the problem and fixing it. But why? Why do people choose to expose things that should be kept in private? Especially if it’s about a relationship. When clearly, doing so won’t even fix the problem. In fact, doing so is like announcing that you’re miserable. It’s like somehow we think that when we announce our problems, people will care and we expect them to be sincere, but the truth is, most people go on social media because of people like you (who like to cry on Facebook). I have to admit and this might be something you are not going to like, and that is that reading other people’s problems can be entertaining. 

And if you’re sitting there saying “not really“, so you’re telling me you haven’t sat there and scrolled through your social media and said “oh wow they broke up again”. Or maybe I’m just being too honest.