Hello everyone! Keeping up with my baby dog lately has not been the easiest since I have been having problems with back and hip pains due to my pregnancy. So every chance I get usually when I am off work and even after work when there’s still daylight, we take a walk and enjoy. Photos were taken yesterday after a heavy rain. 

They say that dogs do not have a sense of time. But I always feel guilty when I don’t spend time with him. 

Also, training collars has been a great help lately. He does not drag purposely, but he is a big dog and I am pregnant! He knows I love him though. 


Hello everyone! Last night was pretty interesting. My mother in law and I suffered from headache all day, so what’s the solution? We decided to venture the mall. Particularly Lush Cosmetics since we have heard so much about it. I did end up buying some products that piqued my interested. Although I have to admit, I wanted to buy them all. They are a little pricey but they’re organic. All I could think off the whole time I was in the store was.. “Candies!!!” 


I am here because I like your presence. I am here to brighten your days. I am not here to stroke your ego. I am here because you need someone to put you in your place when you forget. I am here because you are lucky but I am not here to waste my time nor to be your little puppy and agree with everything that you say. I am here because you need someone to show you that you are worth it. I am not here to pretend to be someone else because I am here to tell you how it is. I am here to show you that it is possible to love and be loved at the same time. I am here to help you appreciate life more and I am here to show you a whole different perspective of how things are other than you you perceive matters.

I am not here to toy with your emotions. I am here to embrace your flaws and help you learn to love them. I am here to speak when you cannot. I am here to listen when you need me to.


Something about the smell of empty notebooks and their texture, the way they sound as you flip through the pages drove me to collect them. when I walk through the isles of a local grocery or even a convinient store, I always end up strolling towards the scrapbooking or school supplies. 

This fascination that I have towards pretty blank pages and notebooks started before I discovered my love for words. When I was in elementary, I did not spend my money on candy bars. Instead, during lunch breaks I would walk to the closest bookstore where they sold hard covered notebooks. I did not have to buy them,  I really just liked to flip through them and feel them. 

Until this day, I still do the same thing I did as a kid. Whenever I get a chance, especially during my days off,  I still find myself driving to a local bookstore. With a cup of hot Starbucks coffee on hand, I could circle a bookstore all day.