Hi everyone! I would like to dedicate this post to my husband who has been amazing ever since I met him. Yesterday was his birthday and even though I couldn’t stay on my feet for long we managed to enjoy our time with family. 

These pictures were taken yesterday when our dog tried to run away just so my husband could tackle him and then demanded a good 20 minute petting. We love him!

My husband has been so crazy about researching and reading books on top of books on what he can do to become a better father to our baby boy. He’s paranoid and worried that he might miss something. And yes, I tell him all the time that he is already a great dad for doing what he is doing. He’s been great at keeping me stress free even though I sometimes cannot help it. It’s normal. 

I see it in his eyes and actions that he cannot wait to meet Kostandin which is amazing. 

My husband and I, including our baby Labrador retriever are looking forward to the big day! 


Hello everyone! This little cutie’s name is Duke. He is up for adoption! If only I was not pregnant and already have a big dog, I would have snatched this little tubby guy right away. He is 8 and very healthy. Pugs are so cute, and I have always wanted one. 

Want a pug? Go to floridapugrescue website. There are some cute tubby pugs waiting for you. 


Hello everyone! Keeping up with my baby dog lately has not been the easiest since I have been having problems with back and hip pains due to my pregnancy. So every chance I get usually when I am off work and even after work when there’s still daylight, we take a walk and enjoy. Photos were taken yesterday after a heavy rain. 

They say that dogs do not have a sense of time. But I always feel guilty when I don’t spend time with him. 

Also, training collars has been a great help lately. He does not drag purposely, but he is a big dog and I am pregnant! He knows I love him though.