I have only been around for twenty two years and I know I have learned quiet a decent amount of wisdom and lessons. One of those is the fact that hearts do not break even. Everybody wants closure right? When it comes to separation especially. Good or bad. Closure is one of the things that people do not really get a lot when going through a break up. That’s why a lot of us hang on for too long. We wait around. Still hopeful. 

Someone could break your heart today, and then move on tomorrow like nothing ever happened to them, while you’re in bed crying your heart out and over thinking about what you could’ve done differently. 

So, what do we do? Well first, you’ve got to admit that things just happen. Sometimes for no reason at all. No justifying or you’ll spend your life questioning every little thing that happens to you. Sometimes, things just happen. So, it’s possible  that he just woke up and realized he didn’t want to be with you? Yes. Oh yes. So.. Take that as your closure and go. Run while you can. 

Take a good look at yourself. After that, ask yourself if you’re proud of how you are, or pay attention to every little details of your face. Pamper yourself. You’ve given your best. You don not deserve by less than that. 

Chin up and look forward. Doesn’t mean jump into another person. Breathe in and out. Run. Take care of yourself. Sooner or later, you’ll meet the one who will treat you how you want to be treated. 

Do not settle for less just because you’re scared to be alone. The best is worth the wait. Keep your standards high. You won’t be alone forever. Use this time to reflect and appreciate yourself. 


You know that moment when you literally lose all respect you have for the person you used to adore. It’s probably the weirdest and most awkward thing you will ever feel. Like, you used to be able to sit there all day and just watch and admire the person. Hell, you could sit there all day and write good things about that person and still that whole day wouldn’t be enough. You say to yourself how awesome it is to finally meet a person who interests you. But then one day, all that pops like an air bubble. You realize how shitty the person is. You realized you were just blinded with your own interests. So you watch them as you put your own feelings aside and realize that everything they do actually bothers you. It starts to annoy you. Your respect evaporates when you see them treat other people. But at the same time they’re still nice to you. So it’s awkward. Now what? 


Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Some people are temporary. And I know you have heard people say nothing is permanent but I honestly do not believe in that. I believe that some are meant to go, most people in fact. But few will stay forever. We often not see or realize those who stay because we don’t either don’t appreciate them, or we are so focused on people who aren’t meant to stay. You have to embrace and appreciate the beauty of it though. Open your mind about these things more because the sooner you accept it, the better and healthier for you. Emotionally especially. Learn to let things go. 


Maybe the princess can save herself, that sounds like a good story too. Infact, I think people should write stories like that more often. It sounds more realistic. It sounds independent and strong. It doesn’t mean that your prince will never arrive, but nowadays you have to know how to save yourself too. You cannot always depend on anyone. Prince Charming should be a plus, not a must. People need to write more stories about making it alone or achieving happiness alone. Because there’s nothing wrong with being alone. For awhile, or forever. We need to write more stories about making sure little girls know that it’s okay to enjoy life without a prince. We need to stop painting a picture where they grow up believing that someone, a boy, is going to come and rescue them one day and everything will be rainbows and butterflies, because it’s not always true. Instead, we need to teach them how to be independent. That they will still kickass even without a boy. They can own the world. On their own if they prefer to. 


I can never talk about independence enough. It’s not that other people are shitty, but to save yourself from disappointments and the feeling of being betrayed, do yourself a favor and start doing things for yourself. Stop depending on people too much. Stop depending on people especially the ones who are only there when they need something or when they’re curious about something. Stop depending on the ones who are never there when you need them. Somehow something always comes up. An excuse. Start doing things for yourself. Because the truth is, you really don’t need anyone as long as you have yourself. I’m not saying everybody is going to be the same and nobody is going to be there for you. I’m saying, it’s hard to find people who would actually come through so don’t waste your time and energy waiting for one. It’s not like you can’t do things on your own anyway. 


You are so busy chasing the ones who do not want to be in your life, the ones who take you for granted that you forget about the ones who actually are there with you and for you, just waiting for you to acknowledge. You forget about the ones who would actually show up at your doorsteps when you need someone as soon as possible. You are so busy getting stepped all over by the ones who do not really care, you forget about how you make the ones who care for you a lot feel when they see you fall. Nowadays, it’s hard to find sincere people who are there simply because they mean good.  Do not take them for granted, acknowledge them before they decide to leave. You are lucky to have those people in your life. It takes realization, yes. But don’t let it be too late. In this world full of hate and people who are indifferent, trust me, you need people who truly cares for you.