I have always promised raw thoughts and opinions. This is what my blog is here for. I see something, I read something or I feel something. I react by writing. For many reasons. But one of my favorite reason is the fact that when I write things. It’s simply words that flow through my mind, I write without doubting and thinking it through. And  when I write, I don’t think of anyone’s opinions or reactions about it. Whatever it may be. Here’s another one for you. 

When you come up with different kinds of scenarios in your head and they end up making you crazy and pissed. Most of the time at yourself or just the situation. And we all know that situation, it’s the simple fact that you want someone, but they do not want you back. Be mad all you want, feel all the emotions that you wish to feel. I assume it’s normal. Because I’ve felt it before. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, things happen for a reason. You can choose to let your thoughts and hatred or sadness drown you, or you can choose to accept it and move on. I mean, it’s not that I do not feel bad for you, my point is just that you shouldn’t let this negative thing affect you long term. Especially how you see or how you are when it comes to your future relationships. 


Have you ever loved someone? Doesn’t it feel amazing? But you know what’s better? To be loved by them back. It’s a feeling that I would wish everyone to have or experience atleast once in a lifetime. You wake up everyday and you always have something and someone to look forward to. Them. Especially when you wake up next to them and see them in their deep sleep. Observing them and seeing every little details of their face. Or when they wake you up with a kiss on your forehead. When you open your eyes and see them already smiling at you and then they say good morning. You always feel like every morning is the best morning ever. Just knowing that someone is also thinking of you the way you think of them. Knowing someone sees your flaws as features, something that makes you perfect instead of viewing them as simply flaws. And of course, knowing someone is there to love you and someone you know you can depend on when life gets tough. 


I can never talk about independence enough. It’s not that other people are shitty, but to save yourself from disappointments and the feeling of being betrayed, do yourself a favor and start doing things for yourself. Stop depending on people too much. Stop depending on people especially the ones who are only there when they need something or when they’re curious about something. Stop depending on the ones who are never there when you need them. Somehow something always comes up. An excuse. Start doing things for yourself. Because the truth is, you really don’t need anyone as long as you have yourself. I’m not saying everybody is going to be the same and nobody is going to be there for you. I’m saying, it’s hard to find people who would actually come through so don’t waste your time and energy waiting for one. It’s not like you can’t do things on your own anyway. 


Growing up we are all familiar with broken promises. Living in this world at a short period of time I figured you can’t always trust people’s words. Humans, we often promise when we are the happiest. And make accusations when we are angry that later on we regret. We say things that we don’t mean when we are mad and some of us are kind of used to it to the point where we don’t believe anything a person says when they’re mad. I don’t recall when that became normal. I guess I just learned how to adapt. I don’t want to sound like a Debbie downer, but when you fall in love, it’s okay to absorb what they tell you, that they love you and that they’ll do anything for you. But don’t be naive to believe all of it. Trust actions more. Wait for a little bump that life will throw at you one day and see if they still feel the same. Don’t be blinded with words. If they stick around, good. Life is not all rainbows and butterflies. That’s why sometimes, words are not enough.