Hello my loves. See, I was going to write something as always. I wanted to write something simple like always. A paragraph as usual, but even that I can’t do right now. I am exhausted. By the way, I’m still pregnant. Just to let you guys know. This is me talking, the author of this blog. Hello! I will be 40 weeks this Wednesday. And let me tell you, I am soooo done. I’m so ready. I cannot wait.  I am anxious to meet the little guy. I have mixed emotions about everything. Wait, how did I even get there. I just wanted to say hi. And let you guise know I’m still here breathing. I drove pretty much all day today you know. And walked too. Anyway, if you have any recommendations as to making this journey a little bit easier and comfortable, please step forward. I’d really appreciate it. And I’m goig to sleep you guise. Goodnight!

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