One thing that is important that we fail to mention or to think about when it comes to dealing with situations is to respect ourselves enough to walk away from anything that no longer makes us happy. How? Well first you have to recognize the fact that you aren’t happy anymore. It’s important to ask yourself that question everyday when you wake up and right before you sleep. We need to value our feelings more. People tent to hold on to things or people and even relationships because they are still in love with the idea of what it used to be or how it used to feel. We want the same feelings that came with the package in the beginning and when it’s not there anymore, we sit there and wait. Some people realize it sooner than others while others waste their whole lives waiting. Don’t get left behind. 


One thing I learned growing up, and that is that life is full of surprises. You wish and hope for one thing, sometimes you get it, sometimes not. When you don’t happen to get it, somehow something better always comes to place. So I learned to let things go. I learned to let things work and fall into their right places. It’s hard to be patient and it’s hard to just sit back and watch things work their own magic, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. The earlier you realize that there are some things that you just can’t control, the better for you. Less stress and weight on your shoulders and the happier you are. 


You’re cute, but I don’t know if you’re here to waste my time or to sweep me off my feet. I’m tired of people like you, but somehow I get sucked in so easy. Next thing I know I am thinking about you every night while I stare at my ceiling when my mind won’t let me sleep. I don’t know if you’re here to have fun, or here to look for a future that we can walk in together. I’m ready, but most people aren’t. Not the ones my age at least. I seem to have a mature mind compared to other people my age, but my emotions are all over the place. I know what I want, but I cannot recognize it when it’s right in front of me. It’s like I look at you, I know I want a future with you but then my gut is telling me not to waste time because you’re probably like the rest of them. Because I got hurt so many times before, I don’t even know how to trust my own gut. Sometimes I feel like even my own head and heart are up to only hurting me. You have a pretty face, but your intentions are ugly. You just want to have fun. I don’t. I want to be happy. 


Don’t waste your time trying to prove yourself by talking especially to the ones who are doubting you the most. Let them think you can’t make it. Let them think you’ll fail. Let them think you’re wasting your time. Don’t waste your energy by worrying about what others may think. Instead, use all your energy to work on yourself. Work towards your goal and dedicate all your thoughts to your future success, not negativity. Use their doubts as your fuel. While at the same time, be patient and take your time. Inspire people. Slowly but surely surprise them and keep walking ahead. Don’t ever look back. 


When you love somebody, everywhere you go, you take a piece of them with you. Everything that you see, it becomes a painting of a part of them. When you love someone, everything that you hear, makes you think of them. A song, a humming, or even a news flash about a place. Everything that you smell always back tracks to them. Your heart smiles more  and you feel it beat a little faster especially when you hear a song that describes strong emotions towards someone. A love song. It gets embroided to your heart, so anytime and everytime  you hear it, you automatically think of the person that you love and where you first heard that song. When you love somebody, everything seems to taste ten times better. All of a sudden your taste buds are happy too. When you love somebody, you care more for yourself and take care of yourself well. Physically or emotionally. When you love somebody, you become dreamy and happy. When you love somebody, you start to love life a little more and more each day. 


You are so busy chasing the ones who do not want to be in your life, the ones who take you for granted that you forget about the ones who actually are there with you and for you, just waiting for you to acknowledge. You forget about the ones who would actually show up at your doorsteps when you need someone as soon as possible. You are so busy getting stepped all over by the ones who do not really care, you forget about how you make the ones who care for you a lot feel when they see you fall. Nowadays, it’s hard to find sincere people who are there simply because they mean good.  Do not take them for granted, acknowledge them before they decide to leave. You are lucky to have those people in your life. It takes realization, yes. But don’t let it be too late. In this world full of hate and people who are indifferent, trust me, you need people who truly cares for you.