Hi everyone! I would like to dedicate this post to my husband who has been amazing ever since I met him. Yesterday was his birthday and even though I couldn’t stay on my feet for long we managed to enjoy our time with family. 

These pictures were taken yesterday when our dog tried to run away just so my husband could tackle him and then demanded a good 20 minute petting. We love him!

My husband has been so crazy about researching and reading books on top of books on what he can do to become a better father to our baby boy. He’s paranoid and worried that he might miss something. And yes, I tell him all the time that he is already a great dad for doing what he is doing. He’s been great at keeping me stress free even though I sometimes cannot help it. It’s normal. 

I see it in his eyes and actions that he cannot wait to meet Kostandin which is amazing. 

My husband and I, including our baby Labrador retriever are looking forward to the big day! 


Hello everyone! Keeping up with my baby dog lately has not been the easiest since I have been having problems with back and hip pains due to my pregnancy. So every chance I get usually when I am off work and even after work when there’s still daylight, we take a walk and enjoy. Photos were taken yesterday after a heavy rain. 

They say that dogs do not have a sense of time. But I always feel guilty when I don’t spend time with him. 

Also, training collars has been a great help lately. He does not drag purposely, but he is a big dog and I am pregnant! He knows I love him though. 


I have not been the best mother to my fur child lately. I have been so busy and blind that I did not realize I was not giving him enough and the same attention as I was giving him before. He grew up in my arms. I have had him ever since he was only 8 weeks old. We were inseparable. Still are. We woke up together and he watched me eat my breakfast, followed me around and watch me do things in the daily. I showered him with my attention. All of it. Because he has helped me through many things. Emotionally especially. 

Life happened and I mean literally it did. When I found out I was expecting, I had to make a lot of changes in my life but my love for Midnight never did. In my mind he is still my number one, but I just got very busy. It started to hurt whenever I bend over to pet him. I am always tired. So I come home and go straight to sleep. Although, I say hi to him, its just not the same as before. In the back of my mind I knew I needed to spend time with him. I did not want him to feel like he was forgotten. But he did. He felt unhappy and as a dog what can you do really? Of course, he tried to get my attention. He broke things a couple times and I was frustrated because I did not realize why he was doing it. 

Until I finally understood why. He felt unhappy and wanted to run away, or maybe not. Maybe he just wanted to get my attention. Either way I caused it. 

We have been through a few bumps before but this one is quiet different. Now that I realize what my selfishness I decided to make it up to him. 

We went for walks. Everyday now. 

And like I, he loves the camera. So we took pictures. 

He was patient, just like before. When I wanted to stop to take a snapshot, he waited and looked at me the way he used to. 

More adventures and pictures to come!


I am Midnight a four year old Labrador Retriever. My mum often asks me who was a good boy. Clearly, it was me. Let’s just state the obvious that I was the only boy in her life. Being with her was heaven and all I wanted to do was make sure she was protected from everything that is harmful. Like the mailman, the exterminator guy who comes around our house and sprays poisonous water around us. I always sense something when he comes around. He acts nice to me, and to my mum but I know he is up to something and just waiting for me to look away. Our neighbor cat, I do not exactly know her name but she watches us many times a day but it is okay, because I watch her back. She is an emotional terrorist. The ants, there are many of them but I always manage to eat them all before they get anywhere close to my mum. Nevertheless, my point is that I always protect her so that answers her question when she asks who is the good boy. It’s me, and I know it. 

But not long ago my mum started wearing a round metal around her finger. It makes me think of my collar but she wears it on her finger instead of her neck….

To be continued