Nowadays, it is almost all about competition and we forget about what really makes us happy. Today’s society has its way of painting a picture of what you should be doing at a certain age. It makes me think of brainwashing almost. Everybody’s cheering when a child says he wants to become a doctor or a lawyer, but when he says he wants to pursue a career in music, people are prone to look the other way. It kills dreams. It shuts down creativity. We take comfort and like to be safe and feel secure. It leads us to think that being book smart is the only way to success which I find very sad. I know a few people who decided to swim against the current and I applaud them for it. For having balls to prove themselves that they can be successful by following their own dreams and not the crowd. I applaud them for choosing to make a difference for themselves. Do you know anyone that made a difference? What is your dream?