When you made a choice to put your feelings at risk, you were well aware that your heart might get broken and your feelings might get hurt. That’s just two of the consequences there is when you decide to follow through with your emotions without logic. Which is normal. We all have done it at least once. Some learn, some are just born risk takers. You were hoping a person would feel the same as you did, but then they didn’t. You ask yourself what the hell you’re supposed to do next when you’ve already put so much effort into something. Well, learn from it. You really can’t do much about it, can you? Unless you want to sit there and keep taking it. Keep getting hurt. Keep hoping. Keep waiting.  Until one day you wake up and realize you’ve missed a lot of great opportunities. Wake up. And start walking away while you can. 


Don’t waste your time trying to prove yourself by talking especially to the ones who are doubting you the most. Let them think you can’t make it. Let them think you’ll fail. Let them think you’re wasting your time. Don’t waste your energy by worrying about what others may think. Instead, use all your energy to work on yourself. Work towards your goal and dedicate all your thoughts to your future success, not negativity. Use their doubts as your fuel. While at the same time, be patient and take your time. Inspire people. Slowly but surely surprise them and keep walking ahead. Don’t ever look back.