The person you will marry is currently walking the earth, living their own life, creating memories, good and bad that you will hear about years from now. So get out there and do the same. Enjoy your life and enjoy yourself. Actually, stop looking for him or her. You will find each other when the time is right, at the right place. Meanwhile, you go experience as much as you can. Travel around and try new things. Enjoy your friends’ company and meet people. Nobody said you can’t have fun single. Enjoy it while you can. The breeze will seem different when you meet him. So enjoy the now and what’s in front of you. Go on a date with yourself. Enjoy your family. Help the helpless and spread love. Be kind. Document everything if you can so that one day, you can share it with him or her, and maybe decide to do it together. Have fun and don’t rush. 

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