You know when you like someone and then they stop talking to you and you finally accept the fact that you’re not speaking anymore, but then they talk to you again so you’re like, “wait, wtf…” *eyes squinting* So you’re sitting there, confused. And you don’t really know how to feel about this. Are you a second option? Or you just haven’t made it clear enough that you like him so he didn’t really think it was a big deal to stop talking for a while? Or maybe he changed his mind? You sit there and stare at your phone, at his text wondering how you’re supposed to reply. And then you start to become defensive and think, “uh uh, you can’t just come back and think it was okay to not talk to me…” So you ignore the text for about five minutes maybe less. Less actually. Because you realize you still really like him. So you tell yourself to suck it up. You decide to test it, but with one foot left behind because you’re not sure and you’re scared to get disappointed. So what is it gonna be?

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