Just because the past did not turn out how you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you’ve ever imagined. I have made decisions and regretted some actions that I wish I could take back. There were things and situations that i wished turned out differently and sometimes even opposite. Back then I wondered and worried sick about how it was going to affect my future. But then I realized that things happen for a reason. Even though I didn’t like it a lot, every situation sure taught me something. Whether if it was a huge deal back then or not, if I learnt something, I began and decided to be thankful. Even if it took a little longer to realize why things happened that way, I am glad it did. We don’t realize how big of a good impact a negative experience can give us. I am as happy as I can be. And mostly because I learned to let go and trained myself to look at the good in every situation. Even if I didn’t like it, I chose to be open minded. So be patient. Trust the process. 

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