My idea of “rock bottom” is waiting 15 minutes for a guy to text back. Oh, no not starving to death, or running out to money in my savings bank account. Not the zombie apocalypse either. Just simply waiting… Waiting for a guy to text back. Judge me alright. I don’t even know why this is so important to me. Maybe because I like him. And I’m hoping he likes me too. Because I mean, I just feel it. And even if he doesn’t, maybe I can make him. And why wouldn’t he? I think I’m pretty enough.. I know I would be a great girlfriend. Not that he even asked, but sooner or later he will see my worth. Yes, I feel a little shame in the back of my head. One brain cell, maybe two are screaming at me saying I look dumb. Telling me how I shouldn’t behave. That I look like a puppy waiting for my owner to throw food at me. Maybe I’m okay with it. I’m just feeling really hopeful and I will probably regret this later. 

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