I don’t want someone who thinks I’m perfect. I want someone who knows that I’m not, but loves me anyway. Just someone who knows my freckles exist under this thick foundation, but still tells me not to wear make up because he thinks I look better with them visible. Like someone who knows why I am so picky with choosing or shopping for bathing suit, because my stretch marks exist but tells me that I should choose whatever I like and not be ashamed of my own skin. And someone who knows that I have insecurities, that I doubt myself, I question my worth and get jealous. I want someone who knows my mood swings are unbelievable at times but still sits there and let me vent about random things, and just give me a huge bear hug after. Someone who doesn’t pretend I’m perfect because I know I’m not. I just want someone who embraces me for who I am and to show me that I can feel loved and feel comfortable under my own skin. 

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