I knew I felt it the first time we met. It was not love at first site exactly but, familiarity. It was like, ” oh, hello.. It’s you. It’s going to be you… Game over. ” 

You made my heart melt without trying, but just by watching you from a distance, it somehow made me happy and I didn’t understand why. Now I know. I was almost always woozy when you were near and I would stay up at night thinking about you and wonder if you felt the way I did. And then one day it happened. You touched me and I swear I felt my own pupils dilate. You were so graceful and handled me like I was so precious. Like an expensive piece of glass you didn’t want to break and the fact that that never changed until this day. 

You made me love myself more. You have convinced me that there is such thing as forever. That I can actually feel very secure and loved for a very long time. I love you. More than anything in the world. 

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