Sometimes, you just don’t love the things the way you used to. It hurts. It hurts because this used to be the reason you wake up everyday, the reason for your smiles and for the little heat waves in your stomach from time to time. but now you’re confused. So you try find a reason why and try to find a reason to stay. You try to find the spark that was there before but realize it’s impossible to get it back. Because you just can’t. The more you force yourself to love it again and stay, the more you feel weird and just not yourself. You think of the memories you have and wish things could go back the way they were. You want to feel it again and you don’t want to lose the love that you had. But then again, you sit there and realize that you’ve already lost it. It left you and you’re not sure why and when. So you hang on to the memories and treasure them. It’s okay to feel sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong after all. Just be thankful of the fact that you’ve experience a wonderful thing. 

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