Hello everyone! I have been wanting to publish something about my life lately, but I have been so lazy. Well, more like tired. But then again, I’m always here publishing other things like my thoughts and writings. Anyway,  hello. I am to the point where I am tired of being pregnant. Everything hurts! 

This week marks my 37th week. And I’m praying for the time to pass by quick. It has been hard for me to find a comfortable position to sleep and even sit and I get out of breath just by standing. But I am also excited to meet my little baby! You guys know that I haven’t been working. So in my past time, I’ve been reading and catching up with my favorite author Jodi Picoult. 

Great book and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s tired of reading plain cheesy romance. I also started reading The Murder House by James Patterson. 

Currently obsessed with this one. And I can’t wait to finish it and start another book by him.  Anyhow, this is just a little update about how I am doing. Ready to pop!! Im open for any good books to read! It will definitely help me to divert my attention from all my pain. Thank you guise!


  1. Oh you look amazing for 37 weeks. As you know, I have 2 children and dreaded the end of the pregnancy. It is hard and everything is difficult, sleeping is a challenge and you need all that energy to help bubs into the world. Not long now for you, I wish you luck and hope it all runs smoothly, you’ll do amazing.
    Oh and by the way Murder House was one of my favourite but James. I’m currently reading another of his called NYPD 4 Red. He is my go to guy for crime and thriller.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so ready to pop. Keeping my fingers crossed! And yes thanks. I’ve been looking for good books to read and idk why I’ve avoided James Patterson for a long time but I’m currently hooked on this book and definitely checking Nypd 4 red after this!

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous, lady! I hope that I look good as you when I’m pregnant. Also I am obsessed with Jodi picoult but have yet to read this one- definitely putting it on my list!

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