So you got hurt and you want revenge. Of course. Don’t we all? Feeling bitter I guess is part of a healing process for most of us. But being bitter just makes you look angry and feel more angry. Some people actually prefer to feel that feeling over mourning because they believe that it makes them look stronger and make them feel stronger. But in fact, it only makes you look broken. It makes you look and sound miserable. Feeling bitter is fine but I don’t agree when people stay in that phase for a long time because I believe that they forget how to be happy. When you walk into that door, it’s hard to walk out of it. A lot of people choose that because it’s easier than accepting and facing the sad truth that they got hurt. Being bitter is just delaying your process of healing. The best revenge is to accept and move on. Get over it and continue to succeed. Never give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer. 

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