When you love somebody, everywhere you go, you take a piece of them with you. Everything that you see, it becomes a painting of a part of them. When you love someone, everything that you hear, makes you think of them. A song, a humming, or even a news flash about a place. Everything that you smell always back tracks to them. Your heart smiles more  and you feel it beat a little faster especially when you hear a song that describes strong emotions towards someone. A love song. It gets embroided to your heart, so anytime and everytime  you hear it, you automatically think of the person that you love and where you first heard that song. When you love somebody, everything seems to taste ten times better. All of a sudden your taste buds are happy too. When you love somebody, you care more for yourself and take care of yourself well. Physically or emotionally. When you love somebody, you become dreamy and happy. When you love somebody, you start to love life a little more and more each day. 

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