You are so busy chasing the ones who do not want to be in your life, the ones who take you for granted that you forget about the ones who actually are there with you and for you, just waiting for you to acknowledge. You forget about the ones who would actually show up at your doorsteps when you need someone as soon as possible. You are so busy getting stepped all over by the ones who do not really care, you forget about how you make the ones who care for you a lot feel when they see you fall. Nowadays, it’s hard to find sincere people who are there simply because they mean good.  Do not take them for granted, acknowledge them before they decide to leave. You are lucky to have those people in your life. It takes realization, yes. But don’t let it be too late. In this world full of hate and people who are indifferent, trust me, you need people who truly cares for you. 

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