People often ask, if you realized you have made a mistake before, why do you do it again? For as long as my existence in this world as I can remember, mistakes felt good before we knew it was a mistake. And just by the label of it and the fact that we recognize it as a mistake, it automatically becomes a temptation. Something that we should never commit again. But we are all human, this is not to justify why some people choose to commit  the same mistakes over and over again, but this is to explain a posible reason as to why people commit the same mistakes more than once. It could be because they like the thrill of it, or simply because they’re already familiar with the feeling that comes with it. Still, whether if it is about a relationship or for the sake of being a good person, you are human and have the ability to weigh what’s worth more. The person you are going to hurt again or the thrill of committing again. 

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