How do you know if you have a good friend on your side? Growing up I have learned that just because a person hangs around you all the time, doesn’t make them your bestfriend or a good friend. Some people just choose to hang around because they either don’t have better things to do, or they want to benefit from you. In the other words, kind of like hitch hiking. Free ride. Key word is free. Because it means they don’t give back. I learnt all of this throughout my late teens to last year. So now I can tell you what a good friend is. A good friend doesn’t have to be with you all the time. As an adult, you have bigger responsibilities and priorities other than hanging out. A good friend will check on you from time to time. A good true friend will be there when life gets a little hard. They give you advices. A good friend will not agree with you all the time. A good friend will say mean things in front of you, but never behind your back. 

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