Hard work comes in different forms. Each of us have battles that we face everyday and sometimes it is a struggle to even just get up from bed. Sometimes we feel like we are at a dead end and it’s hard to remember why we are even here. We tend to forget about how far we have gone. That’s why it’s always good to take a break. It doesn’t have to be all fancy and it doesn’t mean you have to take a complete week off from work. Sometimes taking a break just means taking two hours out of your day to reminisce about your favorite memory. Or take a day out of a week to do something out of your routine. Wake up late, or go for a run without thinking of where to go. Just run. Sweat it all out. Or go to the local bookstore. Sometimes taking a break means taking yourself to a different environment whether if it’s a library, or the local zoo. Find your inspiration again and remind yourself that you have gone so far. Taking a break means taking a moment to appreciate the little things that you have been taking for granted lately. 

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