Hello everyone and welcome back once again! When I was a little kid, I planted sunflowers. I remember checking on it everyday back in the Philippines. I watched it grow and blossom. But unfortunately I planted my sunflower on some random spot outside our home and one day I was devastated when I discovered that ants attacked my sunflower. 

Well, last week my husband came across sunflower seeds while shopping and got some for me as well as marigolds and wildflower seeds. How thoughtful right? Since I will be home more, he thought it would make me happy to watch a plant grow again. I know. He’s so perfect. Anyway, I planted the seeds in a pot and hoped they’d grow. I remember them growing really fast. That was three days ago. 

Look at them now!!! 

It makes me so happy to watch them grow. I am waiting for them to grow big enough so I can transfer each to their own pots. They are supposed to grow tall and big. Maybe three days from now. 

Hope you enjoyed my little photo diary! Stay tune! I’ll make sure to update you guise about the progress!! 


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